Quality / Certification

REMSSI has undergone ISO 9001 certification requirements, since year 2006. This certification ensures that our quality management system performs to international quality standards and commits to our team to perform specific periodic activities that ultimately guarantee the quality, reliability and warranty of our products.

Here are some of the most important activities:

  • Staff training.
  • Continuous improvement plans.
  • Analysis and control of nonconformities.
  • Analysis and control of corrective actions.
  • Update and implementation of quality policies.
  • Continuous update of quality system documentation.
  • Production process documentation.
  • Production system tracking.
  • Individual control of each manufactured product with documented and traceable record.
  • Scheduled periodic calibration of all measuring instruments used in the production system, using internal and external standards.
  • Monitoring and evaluating suppliers.
  • Periodic survey of customer satisfaction.

Compliance with these regulations is regularly verified by internal and external audits.

While this certification requires the fulfillment of demanding standards, it has allowed us to supply customers with high quality requirements that are active in both the local market and abroad.

REMSSI is the only company devoted to the production of low-voltage DC motors with this certification in the Argentine market.